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TOP 10 steps to organize your wedding proposal at sea!

You are an outstanding sailor or a simple wave lover, and you have always dreamed of asking your future self to the sea? No problem! Here is a TOP 10 of the steps to follow to organize your proposal at sea!


1. Choose a vessel for the event

Make sure the vessel you choose fits your needs and budget!

2. Plan the itinerary

Decide where and when you want to propose. Organize around the marine weather too!

3. Hire a crew

Hire a crew to handle the practical and technical aspects of proposing at sea. The idea is that you can enjoy without having to worry about anything!

4. Plan activities at sea

Plan fun activities for you and your significant other. Don't propose directly after you leave the harbor: bring the thing in!

5. Plan the ship's decoration

Create a romantic atmosphere for the proposal at sea. Don't hesitate to rely on the crew!

6. Arrange for food and drinks

Make sure you have enough food and drinks so you don't run out!

7. Choose music

Select a music playlist that suits your taste and the event. Check out our TOP 14 most romantic music for your proposal!

8. Plan the photos and videos

Hire a photographer or videographer to capture the key moments of the proposal. Make it look like a photo shoot with your significant other so you don't draw attention to yourself!

9. Have an alternative in case of bad weather

Make sure you have a plan B if the weather is not favorable.

10. Final tip: prepare the proposal itself

Prepare a touching and unforgettable proposal for your other half. Use your own experience, your own story, your own emotions and make this date unforgettable!

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